Scaling your business can be easier than you think!

Hi, I'm Paul Chittenden.

I'm an international sales and marketing expert leveraging 15 years of global business experience in Fortune 500, private equity-backed, and independent small businesses.

I've led global negotiations for $250+ million deals, specialized in developing new markets, strategic partnerships, and founded, invested-in, and acquired several companies.

I'm ready to help grow your business!


My Story

I've always loved sales and marketing. In fact, I've been a student all my life.

I find it fascinating how different businesses all leverage different techniques to grow their businesses. I dove into old school marketing, digital marketing, growth hacks, partnerships, and more. 

I started my first company just to have a sandbox to test my new skills before putting them into action at a larger scale.

Over the years, I've studied, I've read, and I've collected these strategies from 100's of different industries. 

And I've learned, by combining specific strategies with each other, you can have an exponential effect and an explosion in growth.

The easy part is that there are only 5 ways to grow a business. Let's see what exponential growth strategies will make the largest impact on your business!